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1959 Kodak Company with Baseball's Mi...
1973 La-Z-Boy with Football's Great J...
1948 Pard Dog Food with Little Girl &...
1923 Dodge Brothers with Boy Painting...

Vintage Magazine Advertisements From The Past - Welcome to Ads By Dee. Our Magazine Ads are 100% originals and New stock is added often. specializes in memories from days gone by. We Ship Worldwide, Credit Cards through Paypal.

Collecting Vintage Advertising is a fun and interesting hobby!

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Be sure to visit our other store: A Date In Time

Vintage Ad: 1992 Starter... 

1950 Rectaflex Camera... 

Vintage Ad: 1954 TWA... 

Vintage Ad: 1924 Modart... 

Vintage Ad: 1948 Hudson 

1958 Norcross With Woman... 

1958 Wrigley's Spearmint... 

1968 Texaco Sky Chief... 

1942 Nestle's Sweet ... 

1940 Camel Cigarettes &... 

Vintage Ad: 1931 Old... 

1947 Red Goose Shoes... 

1952 Kellogg's Corn ... 

1953 Philip Morris... 

1906 Daniel Low &... 

1956 Quaker Oats with... 

1967 National Steel with... 

1967 Carnation Milk With... 

1927 Flit With Soldier... 

1956 Body By Fisher with... 
We also accept Checks and Money Orders.

Ads By Dee offers the widest selection of Vintage Original Magazine Advertisements on Tias. New stock is added often to provide our clients with the greatest choice. Vintage Ads make great gifts and often bring back sweet memories of the Good Old Days. Each of our Classic Advertisements are sized and graded for your convenience. We trust that your experience here, is an enjoyable one. Please contact us with your comments as we want to know how we can serve you better. Please use the Vintage Ads By Dee contact link for your convenience.

All of our items are sized and graded according to the following standards: GOOD – This grade is for items that have various problems. Light stains or mild water damage may be present. A tear may also be present but will not impact the matted Advertisement. VERY GOOD – A few small stains may be present but detract little from the matted Vintage Ad. Water damage or discoloration is limited to the extreme margins (unless noted). FINE - These items are clean and attractive. May have short or tight margins. Very few flaws. EXCELLENT or VERY FINE – Items with this grade will be clean and unstained throughout. Margins will be clean and shall not have water damage. The very outer edges may show some discoloration but do not impact the Vintage Ad. NEAR MINT – This grade is reserved for near flawless Magazine Advertisements. MINT - These will be as close to original condition as you will find. They will be for all practical purposes, Perfect. If you should have questions not answered here or would like additional photos, please follow the contact link.


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Ads By Dee
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